Metallurgical Processing Division (MPD)

The Metallurgical Processing Division (MPD) of CAMIRO was created to organize cooperative research and development projects and programs related to mineral processing and extractive metallurgy. The general objectives of CAMIRO-MPD programs are to:

  • Reduce costs, improve process efficiencies, and enhance metallurgical performance.
  • Promote high quality research work at low cost to project sponsors.
  • Maintain a strong Canadian research base.
  • Encourage the education of engineers and scientists needed by the metallurgical processing industry.
  • Membership in CAMIRO-MPD is open to all corporations and other organisations which are interested in furthering the objects of CAMIRO and are approved as members by the CAMIRO Board. Membership dues are C$1,000/a plus 7% GST where applicable.

Membership Buys:

  • Seat at the table.
  • Annual (semi-annual) meeting.
  • Opportunity to sponsor projects.
  • Involvement in selection of broad research directions.
  • Influence over specific project development.
  • Quarterly newsletter and periodic updates.
  • A membership application form in PDF format can be accessed by here

Contact CAMIRO Metallurgical Processing Division:

Larry Urbanoski
Research Director CAMIRO/MPD 
Xstrata Zinc
BCE Place, 181 Bay Street
Toronto, ON, M5J 2T3
Phone: 1-416-775-1433 
Fax: 1-416-982-6902
Email Larry Urbanoski